JT UPGRD Kit 2"G3545 Seals-316-TKT 1820 I D5 S

TKT 1820 I D5 S
10.00 LBS
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2" 910-FA Upgrade Kit with Gylon 3545 gaskets to change 910-F, rated at150 psig (19.0 Bar), to 910-FA, rated at 275 psig @100F (19.0 Bar @ 38C).  Kit includes replacement glass, gaskets, retainers, bolts, nuts, and faceplate with revised rating information.  Rating based on 316 SS body.
Glass:  Tempered borosilicate (2 pcs)
Seal Gasket:  PTFE Gylon 3545 (2 pcs)
Cushion Gasket:  Fiber (2 pcs)
Retainer:  Carbon steeel (2 pcs)
Fasteners:  Alloy Steel (4 pcs each, bolts and nuts)
Maximum Pressure:  275 psig @ 100 F (19.0 Bar @ 38 C)
Maximum temperature:  500 F (260 C)